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Uros Floating Islands

How to get to Lake Titicaca?

You must travel from Cusco to Puno. If you rent a car the trip will take about 6 hours. I recommend you take the tour called “route of the sun” (ruta del sol). This option will make your journey more enjoyable because the bus stops at the following points:

1. Temple of Saint Peter Apostle
2. Raqchi – Archaeological site of great importance where the Viracocha Temple is located
3. Buffet Lunch at Tourist Restaurant in Sicuani – I visited the restaurant called “La Pascana” and it was good, with enough food and good quality. A plus is that in this place they have alpacas and babies alpacas so you can get close to touching them and some even smile for a photo.

4. La Raya – the bus stoped in this place to admire the landscape. You can see the snowy mountains in the background and buy some souvenirs in some of the roadside stands. This stop was my favorite.
5.Museo de Pukara – It is located to the side of the Cathedral and is a few steps from Pukara Square. This museum exhibits a series of monoliths and sculptures of the Pukara culture.
6.Puno – And finally you will be arriving at the bus station at 17:00 hours.

There are several websites that offer this kind tour, it may change some of the stops you will chose the better for you, here I give you two web options:

a) Titicaca Tour

b) Inca world Travel

Uros Floating Islands

These floating islands are located within the bay of Lake Titicaca, 14 km away from the city of Puno. It is believed that the UROS were one of the oldest ethnic groups that populated the Andean highlands.

The tours are taken at the pier which is very close to the center of Puno, about 8 minutes by car. If you do not have a tour dont worry you will find more and better options directly there at the pier.

Personally I chose the tour that included the Uros floating islands and the Taquile island.
In this tour they will explain you how they have built their floating houses, how they feed, what are their customs and how they make their boats.

On the island of Taquile, the guide will also give you all the information regarding the traditions of the people which they still preserve nowadays, their ethnic dress, their archeology, their food, etc. It is not necesary to say how interesting it was. From this island you would see the mountains of Copacabana Bolivia. ūüôā


– I recommend staying near the main square of Puno. You can find different types of accommodation.
– Do not go out walking far from the main streets of the village after the sunset. I do not know if it is true but three people from the village gave me that advice. I did not take the risk and I followed the advice.
– To eat in Puno I recommend the Mojsa Restaurant, the food is delicious and it is right in front of the church in the main square.
– The different tours for the floating islands can be hired at a better price directly at the pier.

Machu Picchu Peru

How to get to Machu Picchu?

In this post I will give you all the infomation you need to organize your next trip to Machu Picchu.

Machu Picchu means old mountain and is considered one of the new 7 wonders of the modern world. Perhaps you are not sure to make this trip because you think that after visiting Machu Picchu you will not have anything else to see but let me tell that it is not right. Peru will surprise you with its capital, the small and beautiful town of Cusco, the route of the sun, Titicaca lake, Uros floating islands, etc …

It is important to note that most of the international flights will have a stop in Lima, the capital of Peru because there are no direct flights to Cusco, so why not take a look of this city?

If you have decided to visit Lima have in mind the following considerations:
– Using taxi from the airport is very expensive. I highly recommend to use Uber service. You’ll spend less and you’ll be safer.
-Sorry but I have to say that Lima is a very chaotic city, the road traffic is really a problem so please have this in mind in your return to the airport if you do not want to miss your flight.
– Make sure the hotel where you will stay is in a safe area. The best hotels area and shopping centers is called Miraflores but is a bit far from the historical center.

What to see in Lima Peru?

1. Main Square of Lima (Plaza Mayor) – it is the main square of the capital. It have witnessed great events such as the proclamation of independence of Peru in 1821.
2. Lima Cathedral – is the largest church in Peru, its architecture is a mixture of Gothic, Neoclassical and Renaissance.
3. Archiepiscopal Palace of Lima – is a museum that has paintings and artifacts obviously related to archbishops. At the entrance to the Cathedral of Lima you can buy the ticket that includes the entrance to this Palace. You would save some money with this package.
4. Saint Martin Square
5. Monastery of Saint Francis (Museum and Catacombs) – This is a must in the city.You will not regret it. They have guided tours in Spanish and English. The opening hours are from 9:00 am to 8:15 pm every day of the year.

You will visit every single room of the convent, incluidins the old library which is impressive, the choral room and at the end are the catacombs.

For more information here the website.

Now Machu Picchu

Your next flight will be to the city of Cusco (Cuzco). Cusco is a very touristic little town. You will find all kinds of accommodation, restaurants, bars and shops with different articles made of baby alpaca. Those clothes are famous for be extremely warm.

From here you have two options to get to Machu Picchu:

1 . Cusco – Aguascalientes: You can travel by train that leaves from the Poroy station and is 15 min from Cusco by taxi.
2. Ollantaytambo – Aguascalientes: Or you can take other train in this town called Ollantaytambo. It is 1 hour with 20 minutes from the city of Cusco.
To get to Ollantaytambo you can take a taxi, shared taxi or a small van. You can imagine what is the most economical option.

These vans begin to leave from 2:30 a.m. in the street pavitos located about 7 blocks from the barrack square (you can take a taxi and you will arrive in 10 minutes). The price of buses to Ollantaytambo is between 20 and 25 soles.
Aguascalientes is a small town that is very close to Machu Picchu. Here you can find hotels, hostels, restaurants, bars, etc … From here you will have two options to get to the Inca city, you can go walking or pay a bus that leaves daily very early. People start to buy the tickets from 4:30 am. You will find the Ticket sales in a small booth on the main avenue of the town, anyone can indicate the place or you will identify it with the group of people around.

Points to have in mind:

– You must buy your tickets to Machu Picchu in advance. They only have 2500 spaces per day, that in order to avoid deterioration of the sanctuary.
It should be noted that there are two types of tickets: the normal one to enter to the city and the one that includes the Waynapicchu mountain (Huayna Picchu). The latter are sold out even faster because they only sell 200 spaces per day. It is from the top of this mountain that you can see all of Machu Picchu.

To buy your ticket to Machu Picchu click here.

It will be your choose stay in Ollantaytambo or Aguascalientes.
If you want to be the first to enter Machu Picchu to be able to take pictures avoiding all the crowds then I personally recommend you to stay in Aguascalientes.

– There are two agencies for the purchase the train tickets. I leave the links of each:

A) Peru Rail

B) Inca Rail

P.S. Do not forget to try the coca tea and the Cuzco beer.

Finland: Santa Claus Village

Are you thinking where to go on your next winter vacation? Are you looking for the ideal destination to see aurora boreales? Do you want a place where you can find snow and activities for children? Then Rovaniemi in Finland is your best choice and I’ll tell you why. Rovaniemi is the administrative capital of the province of Lapland, is an hour and a half by plane from Helsinki the capital of Finland. In Rovaniemi you will find everything for your holidays, it could be a place of adventure or a place to rest.

What to see and do in Rovaniemi?

1. Santa Claus Village
Ticket Price: Free

The biggest attraction without a doubt is the Santa Claus house that is located in the Arctic Circle. This place is about 10 minutes drive from the center of Rovaniemi. You can get there through some of the agencies that offer tours to this place or if you rent a car you can go by your own without problem.

It is important to take note that the Santa Claus Village and the Santa Claus house are different but both are only a few meters away. In both places you will find Santa Claus waiting for you. You will be able to take a picture with him as a souvenir for around 25 to 50 euros depending the package you take.

The main house of Santa Claus is located in the square that has Santa’s post office and a large thermometer in the middle where the temperature is indicated. Before you get to met Santa you will go through a small museum where they explain the Christmas traditions in different countries such as: Where did the Christmas tree and its decoration come from? When did the famous Germany Christmas markets began?

In the surrounding you will find restaurants, among them one with salmon specialties that has a very good score on foursquare, as well as shops with all kinds of souvenirs.

This village is open to the public from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m from December 1st to January 7th.

If you are interested in knowing the schedules at any other time of the year I leave the official page here. Because it does not matter the season of the year the village opens 365 days of the year. In addition they have some very nice cabins to stay, only that you must make your reservation in advance.

2. Santa Claus Post Office

Very close to Santa`s house you will find his post office. Inside you will find the small room in which Santa starts to read the letters he receives from all over the world. In addition you will meet his helpers “elves” who are working all the time separating letters to be able to answer them as soon as possible. In addition you can send letters and postcards to any continent from this post office only have to pay the stamp that has a price approximately 2 euros.

3. Northern Lights

After the Santa House, the northern lights are what make Finland an incredible place.

See a northern lights is indescribable but it is kind of difficult to see them, literally it is necessary to go away to “hunt” them every night. There are some factors that you can have in mind in order to increase the probability of seeing them for example:

A) Avoid making the trip when it will be full moon. Remember that the northern lights looks better in total darkness.

B) Have a clear sky.

C) Go out looking for them from 8 pm to 2 am approximately.

D) In some hotels in the city have the northern lights alarm service, they will call to your room to inform when a northern lights appear.

The most visited places to see northern lights in Rovaniemi are: the garden of the Arktikum museum, the facilities of the Ounasvaara and drive to a dark area of the forest and wait with much patience.

4.Artikum Museum
Ticket Price 2016 – 2017: Adults 12 euros
Hours: Daily from 10 am – 6 pm

Website for more information.

It will be the best 12 euros invested in your trip. This museum is simply amazing, quite large so make plans to be there a long time. You will find photographies exhibitions about the wildlife in this area, information about the shamanism practices by different tribes that inhabit the island, as well as their typical costumes and songs. You can also see a short film about the northern lights and many others interesting things.

The museum has a small coffee shop where you can buy snacks and buffet for lunch at a reasonable price, the menu is not the best but is ok. If you want you can check the menu for every day on the next page.

5. Ranua Zoo
Ticket price: ‚ā¨ 17,50
Hours: from September 1 to May 31 every day from 10 am to 4 pm

The zoo in Ranua is a place you can not miss on your trip. It takes one hour driving from Rovaniemi.
You can see animals like mink, snow owl, gray owl, golden eagle, wild pigs, polar bear, gray wolf, gluttons, moose, etc …
Inside the zoo they have a small ice bar with tables, chairs made of ice.

I recommend arriving as early as possible in order to complete all tour and at the end eat in the cozy restaurant that offers a delicious buffet. The food at this place is amazing. Please try the salmon soup!

6. Riisitunturi National Park
It is located 166 km from the center of Rovaniemi is two hours approximately by car. This national park is famous for its hiking trails in summer, and snowshoeing and ski runs during the winter.

For more information here the official page.

7. Husky safari, snowmobile, reindeer sleigh, visit to santa claus house, etc …
There are several agencies that sell their services with this kind of tours, the best known are: lapland safaris, husky point and safartica.

If you do not have the time or just want to do two activities I highly recommend you to do the safari with huskys and the snowmobile. I chose safartica because comparing prices it was the most cheap and honestly it was perfect. The service with safartica was great, they pick you up in your hotel, they give you the special clothes, the guides speak perfectly English and you get a small snack at the end of the activity.

If you want to compare prices of these three main agencies then I leave the links:
A) Safartica
B) Husky point
C) Lapland safaris

8. Ounasvaara ski center
If you want to ski Rovaniemi also offers you this excellent ski center.
If you are going with small children or do not plan to rent a car then I recommend staying near this ski center. The best option is the Lapland Hotel Ounasvaara Chalets, which is located very near from Ounasvaara ski center.

This hotel has beautiful cabins, parking, buffet breakfast,( which I must mention that is quite good and varied), in addition to having sauna each cabin inside.

For more information regarding prices and opening times of the ski center click here.

9. Santa park
Ticket price: 33 euros adults and 27 euros children

It is a theme park set in an underground cave. Personally I did not visit this place because searching comments on the web regarding the place the majority emphasized that it was a place set for children so if you go with small children it might be worth the visit.

Some of the activities for children are: decoration of gingerbread cookies, elaboration of Christmas decorations, gallery of ice figures, a small area set with angry birds, all the time accompanied by “elves”. It is important to note that the ticket is valid for two consecutive days.

Website for more information.

What to eat and wear in Iceland?

What is the weather in October in Iceland? What clothes to wear?

I will begin¬† saying that I travel in mid-October and the end of September. In those months the temperature was between 5 ¬į C and 6 ¬į C, so I recommend¬† you to carry the following items in your suitcase:

  • camping tent
  • sleeping bag (not summer sleeping bag otherwise you will suffer cold).
  • inflatable camping mattress
  • cooking utensils
  • ¬†warm clothes
  • ¬†waterproof jacket
  • trekking shoes because they are going to walk a lot
  • additional pair of shoes
  • lot of socks
  • microfiber towels
  • and of course bathing suit

In general the weather in Iceland is unpredictable as in a moment you see the sun  and suddenly the rain drops and lowers the temperature, so the best thing is be prepared for everything.

Now important points to consider:


  1. Camping tent – If you do not have a tent and are willing to buy one then you should pay attention to the following considerations:

A) It should be a little larger than the recommended size for the number of people who will sleep in it. For example, if two people are going to use it then buy a tent for three. The above because as I mentioned the weather changes every five minutes so it is very likely that some day will rain or simply the morning dew will wet all the tent and if you are very tight in the tent is very easy to wake up with some part of your slepping bag wet or you will not have place inside the tent to put the suitcases.

B) Practice arming the tent at home – may sound a little ridiculous but it will really save you a lot of time during the trip.

  1. Backpack for camping – If your travel plan is to go backpacking then it will be a necessary investment but if you are planning to rent a car then it is not really necessary this kind of backpack, with a normal suitcase you will not have any problem.
  2. Gas for portable stove -If your trip will take a few days then I recommend not to spend on gas for portable stove, in most of the campsites have many things that previous travellers have left for others to reuse, and one of the things that have more is gas. One of the campsites that has this section is the Reykjavik campsite, which is perfect because most of the tourists start their trip at that point and they can get gas, toilet paper, napkins and many things that they need without having to spend. Just do not forget do not take more than you need and do not forget to contribute to the cause on your return to continue helping us between travellers.

Here the link of the campsite.


  1. Micro Fiber Towel – Carrying your micro fiber towel will be a very important thing on your trip, since Iceland has many hot springs along its island. So you will need a towel that takes little space in your suitcase and dry as soon as possible.
  1. Travel bag – this will save you a lot of time and effort when you take the shower. You will have everything in one place (shampoo, conditioner, soap, sate, toothpaste, brush, etc …) you do not have to be worried about forgetting something in the tent besides not having to carry everything in your hands.
  1. Water – Iceland is proud to be the country with the best water in the world and it may well be true because during my trip I always filled my bottle in the rivers, lagoons or taps and nothing bad happened to me. So, you know, spend on bottled water is not worth it.
  1. Food – If you want to save money than your best option is to take food from your home country, because if is something expensive in Iceland is the accommodation (which is already solved with the camping) and food.

But, what kind of food can I bring? Instant soups, energetic bars, chocolates, biscuits, tuna, sardines, seeds such as walnuts, almonds, nuts, coffee, milk powder, jam, peanut butter, and in general all that canned and easily to cook. I do not eat pork but I saw many who were carrying cold meats. Once in Iceland you will buy everything you need like fruit, vegetables, bread, etc …

The foods that you should try in Iceland for my consideration are the following:

– The famous Pylsur hot dogs from Baejarins Beztu are simply exquisite. It’s not just fame, they’re very good. You cannot leave without eating at least one. You can find them in the oldest station in the harbor, opposite the Harpa Concert Hall. You can easily identify them by their red and white color.

РThe alcoholic beverage is the brennivín, just remember that the drinks in Iceland are expensive.

– Salmon in all presentations.

– SKYR in all its shapes and flavors. I loved them! They also contain a high percentage of protein and low in fat, super healthy.

– For those who are fans of beer, Iceland offers the following brands: Egils, Thule or Pilsner.



List of Campsites in Iceland

Below I made a campsites list with a small review of them.

1. Reykjavik Campsite

This camp is very close to Reykjavik and I think it is the most famous.
It has a good size, offers bathrooms, showers with hot – cold water and a coffeeshop (you can pay breakfast if you wish). But the important part is it has that special area where all travelers donate the things they will not use when they return to their homes but that can be useful for others travellers who just start their journey.

It is for that last reason that I would recommend to spend the first night here because maybe something that you need as bath paper or soap to wash dishes you can find in this section and do not have to buy it because is very expensive.

And of course do not take more than what you need and do not forget to contribute to the cause on your return in order to continue helping us between travellers.

2. Skógafoss camping
The spectacular thing about this camp site is the view of the Skógafoss waterfall. It has bathrooms, showers, a laundry area and a small restaurant.

3. Skaftafell campsite
I found this campsite like the worst. It has bathrooms and showers but are built in such a way that under the door you can feel all the cold air, plus you have to get a ticket that activates the shower for two or three minutes so you have to bath in that time because is no way to add more time once you are inside, the reason is that you buy this shower ticket in the entrance of the campsite.
Here the link of the website in case you want to check prices and more details.

4. Egilsstadir camping
I found this site excellent. It has bathrooms and showers extremely in good conditions and perfectly clean. The best part is that bathrooms and showers are inside the main building so they have heating. Also tables to eat inside if you do not want to suffer cold. But if you want to be in contact with nature also have tables outside and a kiosk with grill for those who need to cook and need a roof if it is raining. They have good internet and basically the best campingsite in Iceland. Here the official page for any question.

5. Hamrar campsite in Akureyri
This camp is also in great condition. It has clean bathrooms and showers with hot and cold water in addition to having heating. For those who go with children you will find small artificial lagoon. This place is very cool for camping, I recommend them extensively. If you want to know more about this place click here.

6. Tjaldsv√¶√įi√į Hofsosi campsite
This camp site was the most solitary of all, only two other groups of people camped. The address is as follows: 565 Hofsós. This village is very small, it is composed of about three blocks but not less beautiful and interesting. It is here where you can find one of the most beautiful churches on the island, in addition to the thermal pool with incredible sea view. You can not go to Iceland and do not visit this beautiful place.
By the way the pool opens from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and again from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
They also have a special night time to see aurora boreales in case anyone is interested.


7. Borgarnes Camping
This campsite would only recommend it if you want to save money because when i was there nobody charged me.
Positive aspects of the campsite: it is in a good area, you can find restaurants nearby besides staying on the step towards the Snaefellsnes Peninsula. It has a beautiful landscape, especially for watching the sunset. In this village they sell a delicious chocolate bread.
Negative camping points: It does not have showers, it has only one bathroom for women and one for men. Their facilities are very poor.
So far my list of camps, in some I repeated number of nights and in some other points I used to mixed hotel and camping in order to not feel so heavy the trip. If in your trip do not fit some of the campsites mentioned here, do not worry Iceland is full of camps and hot springs and for sure you will find some.


Iceland land of ice and fire. A country that increasingly increases its popularity as a tourist destination. In addition to the good propaganda made by football players with their famous celebration also known as “haka” with the spectators during their matches in the last Eurocup.
This and many more things that I will tell you next make Iceland a country that must be visited once in a lifetime.
It is true that it is an expensive destination but it is well worth saving money and go to see the wonders that this country offers us.

In this post I will give you some tips to spend less than you imagine. Besides that this place is known by the high percentage of campsites that you will find all over the island. Now if your idea is to camp and save enough money in accommodation you must be taken in mind that most of the camps only open the months of spring and summer because the extreme temperatures. In other words they open from May and close in mid-September. In the Tips section for Iceland you can find details on what clothes to wear? what the average temperature is on those dates? and more.

The way in which I will write this post is putting the important places that have to be visited in Iceland. I will not describe day by day because it seems to me impractical and if you have the main points to visit each one can go arming your trip. Either by adding or removing places depending on the days you have and what suits you. At the end I will list the best campsites so that you can review them and make your own itinerary. Then let’s start:
1. Reykavik

Reykavik is the capital of Iceland and oppositely to what I imagined is not so small and is quite cozy. Among its streets you will find the Lutheran Church Hallgrímskirkja which is quite beautiful and you can visit its interior without cost. You will find an avenue full of restaurants, bars and souvenirs.Also here is where are established the famous hot dogs Pylsur Baejarins Beztu if you have google maps it will easily locate them and if not anyone can guide you to them.

2. Thingvellir Nature Park
Ticket price: free
It is a national park in which you can see the Silfra crack of separation of plates, on one side is the North American tectonic plate and on the other the Eurasian. Here you will find bathrooms with cost (quite expensive by the way) and a coffe shop.

3. Silfra Lake
Ticket price: free
It is very close to the nature park Thingvellir is very beautiful and the main activity is snorkeling.

4. Strokkur and the Great Geyser
Ticket price: Free
Both are located in the same place. The Great Geyser is the oldest and still active but the biggest attraction currently is the Strokkur since every 5 minutes or so throws water that can reach 20 meters in height. It is one of the great wonders of this country that you have to see.

In this place you will find bathrooms free of charge and a coffe shop that offers a quite wide menu a good price.

5. Gulfoss
Ticket price: Free
Impressive waterfall. This is another point that is part of the tourist route called Golden Circle.

6. Seljalandfoss.
Ticket price: Free
It is other beautiful waterfall found in South Iceland between Selfoss and the Skógafoss waterfall. The climb can be a bit slippery if it has been raining during those days so be careful if you go with young children. It is important to mention that you can walk along a path behind the waterfall and from there you can have a very cool photos. Here you can find a small place with some drinks and snacks.

7. Seljavellir Swimmingpool
Ticket price: Free
To get to this pool is a little complicated because you will not find signs and even if you carry GPS can not identify the exact place or at least that happened to me. ūüôĀ I guess this happened because the pool is literally in the middle of the mountains. You will have to drive in the direction of Vik then turn left on Route 242 in the direction of Raufarfell and get to the end of the road. You will have to park the car and walk a few 10 minutes approximately.

This pool was built in the year 1923 and uses the thermal water of the place. It is not luxurious and perhaps not very comfortable because it has only a few rooms to change clothes but it is simply a magical place. You have an incredible landscape to admire while enjoying the hot water despite the fact that the temperature was zero degrees (c).

8. Skogar People’s Museum
Ticket price: 2000 ISK adults and 1000 ISK child
This museum is a few steps from our number 9 (Skógafoss)
They are real houses that were moved to this place to be able to show the life of the Icelanders years ago. The museum has houses, a school and a church. With the cost of the ticket you also have access to the transport and communication museum which I found interesting. However, honestly this stop I would only recommend it if you go with time and money to spare because if you just want to see these little houses you can see several in different places of the island without payment.
They have bathrooms and a small coffeeshop.

* Museum opening dates:
June, July, August: 09 – 18
September to May: 10 – 17

If you want to know additional information here the website.

9. Skógafoss
Ticket price: FREE
This is a beautiful waterfall besides having open camping. Imagine! Wake up, open the tent door and the first thing you see is that amazing waterfall !! Definitely one of my favorite places to spend the night.

Also you can go to the top of the waterfall going up quite a few steps but it will be worth it. From there you can start a trekking route, on the way I saw many kids carrying their backpacks with everything they need to camp, apparently it is because following this route you can reach a glacier and many plan to spend the night there . If you are an adventurer then this route may interest you.

This camp has bathrooms, showers and a small restaurant.

10. Solheimajokull Glacier
For those who have never seen a glacier this is a very entertaining place to take a walk although the glacier is not seen complete it is a good welcome for the following landscapes in the route. I recommend it if you go with days to spare.

11. Fjadrarglj√ļfur Canyon
Ticket price: FREE
This canyon is truly beautiful. For those who love photography here could take some great photos. The views are breathtaking. This place has bathrooms free of charge.
12. Vatnajökull National Park
Ticket price: FREE
The information center for visitors is located in Skaftafell. They can guide you about different hiking routes and the main attractions. If you do not want to enter to ask, you can simply guide yourselves with the maps that are outside the offices with each one of the routes traced of different colors indicating the main attractions to see. In one of these routes you will see the Svartifoss or better known as the cascade of basaltic columns.
An important point is that in one side of the restaurant entrance is a faucet to be able to fill the bottles with drinking water.

Website for more information.

13. Skaftafell Park
Here is another campsite and I will give you my opinion regarding this camp in the list of camps but it is from this place that departure different walking tours to the glaciers.

I booked with the company Icelandic Mountain Guides because after a comparison with all I found on the internet this was the one that offered the same tour but at a lower price and they gave me a great service and they were very friendly.
If you are interested in checking their prices and services click here.
14. Fjallsárlón Glacier
When you reach this point it will seem the most beautiful you have ever seen but more is yet to come ūüėČ

15. J√ľkulls√°rl√≥n glacier lake
There are no words to describe this amazing place. No matter the month of the year I promise you will not be disappointed. You will be able to see huge pieces of ice that are separating from icebergs.

At this point also you can rent tours in small boats to be close to the icebergs, if you are interested to see information about it click here.

16. Höfn
It is a small fishing village in which you will find the famous super with the logo of the pork (super bonus) where you could buy food for the rest of the trip in the island.

17. Egilstadir

It is a small city that can serve you to rest. I did not spend much time in that place because I could not find something that caught my attention, however if you want to hike or some other activity here I leave the website of the city where they explain all the tourism options that they Offer.
18. Waterfalls Dettifoss and Selfoss
Much is mentioned in relation to these two waterfalls, in my trip I did not visit them because I did not have a good weather that day, it was late and also really dark but if you have enough days you could get to know them.

All places from points 19 to 22 are on the same road and are very close to each other.
19. Hverir’s Fumarolaa
From afar you can see the fumaroles of these hot springs. They are at the foot of a mountain that is also full of fumaroles around it. You can climb the mountain but very carefully because there are no stairs.
20. Namaskard
It is a geothermal zone that is really amazing. There is no vegetation around, everything is a volcanic desert with hot springs, mud puddles and with an unpleasant smell of sulfur but it is worth just for seeing such a spectacle.
21. Leirhnj√ļkur
It is an active volcano and forms part of the Krafla boiler. It looks like a scene from a movie shot on Mars. : P You will be able to see mud pools with boiling turquoise water. It is simply spectacular.
22. Krafla Viti Crater
At the end of this road you will find this beautiful crater full of very beautiful turquoise water. It is worth doing this tour, it will not take you much time of day and I guarantee that it will impressed you.

23. Myvatn thermal baths
After Blue Lagoon this is the best known place to take a thermal bath. If you want to have the experience and pay a lower price then this is the option.
If you want to know the times and prices updated click here

24. Godafoss the Waterfall of the Gods
Ticket Price: FREE
It is another of those spectacular waterfalls that Iceland boasts. It is of quite large volume and is perfect for beautiful photos.
25. Akureyri
From Godafoss to Akureyri are approximately 53 km.
It is the fourth largest city in the country but do not expect to see a big city, in fact it is small but quite cute. It is worth walking through its streets and eating in one of its nice restaurants. It is from here that there are tours for whale watching, you can easily see on the dock the signs with prices and departure times.

26. The Herring Era Museum in S√≠ldarminjasafni√į
Ticket price: 1,200 isk

From Akureyri to S√≠ldarminjasafni√į are approximately 73 kilometers.
The Herring Age is on the main road of Siglufjordur. The museum is divided in three buildings which give a tour of the history of the herring industry in Iceland. It is a good museum even if you have no interest in the fishing industry.
To know schedules and prices click here.

27. Hofsós swimming pool
For me the best pool in Iceland, I just fell in love with it. The entrance is very cheap and the facilities are very clean and maintained. It is not a very famous place so you will find few people. The pools have a panoramic view of the sea, I promise you it leaves you breathless. Something important is that in some pages of Internet had the information about the openings time from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. The reality is that they open from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and again from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Hrs. They take three hours for lunch, so plan your day in order to be there early and enjoy as much as possible.

Address: 565 Hofs√≥s. It’s hard to miss, the town is four blocks. ūüôā

28. Hólar
A small but beautiful town very close to Hofs√≥s. At point eight I described the Skogar People’s Museum, well this place is similar to that museum but in real life. Here in this small town you will find the famous “grass houses” that have been reported in Norway, Scotland, Ireland and Greenland but the country that has the best homes are here in Iceland and this village offers you that without payment as in the museum.

You can see a beautiful church that was built in the year 1759. In addition to a replica of the house of the bishop of the parish that was built in 2002. The original house dates back to 1315 and lasted 500 years standing and then collapsed in 1810.

29. Berserkjahraun lava fields. It will not take you more than 15 minutes to visit.

30. Snaefellsjökull, the volcano of Julio Verne.

31. Viking World
The Viking National Museum is very close to Reykjavík International Airport.
The museum offers all the history that this island has about the Vikings, needless to say that should be a mandatory stop on your visit to this country. They also have the copy of a viking ship built by Mr Gunnar Marel Eggertsson in 1996 that took as a model a true Viking ship of the ninth century, in addition it was built with the same methods and materials as the Vikings.

Website here.

32. Secret Lagoon or Gamla Laugin
It is a spring of geothermal waters that is in the village called Fludir and is known as the oldest lagoon of Iceland. It is part of the golden circle and this place was definitely one of my favorites. The entrance is not expensive compared to blue lagoon and and it’s a lovely place. I recommend you to arrive early because later as at lunch time it starts to fill up with people who pay guided tours and end the day there. They only sell drinks and some snacks. For more information here the official page.

33. Blue Lagoon
It is the most famous geothermal resort in Iceland. The spa is located in a lava field and the water of the lagoon is produced by a geothermal power plant. The average water temperature is 40 ¬į C and has a blue color.

The website with prices for each season here.

When I was organizing my trip I read in several blogs that the entrance fee was quite expensive and that it was very crowded and for those reasons they recommend not to go. However, I believe that if you are in Iceland you should not avoid this incredible experience.


Most of the trips start as a dream, a desire to know and explore unfamiliar places and they take form when we finally land at the destination airport, or when we park the car in the desired place.

And that’s happened to me when I arrived at the Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport. It is important to note that the airport is not located near the tourist area of ‚Äč‚ÄčAthens, approximately 34 km away. To move from the airport to the city there are these alternatives: car rental, subway, taxi or bus. This time according to what I had planned, I wanted to explor all the central area of ‚Äč‚ÄčAthens, so the most convenient was the express bus. Most of the important tourist places are nearby to know them walking for that reason i though that rent of a car would be a waste of time and money.

The bus station is located between gate 4 and 5 of the airport. The bus is number X95, which takes approximately 45 minutes to Syntagma Square. You do not have to worry about your arrival time because they have runs on that route 24 hours. The ticket price is 6 euros per single trip.
What to do in Athens?

Well I’ll tell you the main points of the city that should be visited.

1. Acropolis

If you do not want to find a lot of people and take perfect photos then you will have to get up early and be the first to arrive, and even more so if you go in high season.
The place is open from 8:00 in the morning and the cost of the ticket is 30 euros.

It sounds a little expensive, well it is, but it should be noted that this price includes entrance to the following places: Ancient Agora and Aeropagus, Kerameicos, Temple of Zeus, Adrian Bookstore and Roman Agora.

The Temple of Zeus and Adrian’s Library close at 3:00 pm so take note about that.


2. Museum of the Acropolis

The price of admission to the museum is 5 euros. It has some interesting things but honestly I did not love it, but since you are there it is worth to take a look it.


3. Change of Guard in tomb of the unknown soldier.
This takes place next to the Greek Parliament in front of the Syntagma square. They are held every hour.

4. Panepistimio

On the way to the National Archaeological Museum you will find the Panepistimio and the National Library of Greece wich are two beautiful buildings that worth a stop.

5. National Archaeological Museum

This museum is certainly a must in the city, anyone visiting Athens would have to go to tour this museum as it is really beautiful. Make plans to spend at least 3 hours of the day because it has so much information and important things to see that you will not realize how easy time goes.

One of the things I was most interested in seeing from the museum was the fresco called “La Primavera”

This fresco was found in the archaeological ruins of Akrotiri on the island of Thera (Santorini). The reason why it was in such a good state of conservation is because it was covered with ash by a volcanic eruption that took place in the middle of the 2nd millennium BC. The ticket price is 15 euros but like the ticket of the Acropolis, it includes the entrance to other museums among them to the Byzantine museum that is our fourth point in the list to visit.

I leave the link here of the page of the museum for any doubt or information that you would need matter like the opening and closing time.

6. Byzantine Museum

This museum is lovely. When you arrive it seems small from outside but once inside you realize that it would take you about two hours to walk it at least. The museum treats as its name indicates in Byzantine art. It has paintings, sculptures, mosaics, embroidery and even tombs. It is certainly a place that has to be visited. But I have to say that if you take small children maybe it is not the best option.

7. Central Market

This stop might not be liked by all people ‚Äč‚Äčbut I love to walk around and see the fruits, vegetables, sweets and all those things that are typical and that the local people consume. I think it should be because I love to eat and I always end up buying all those things that I find interesting. This time I take chamomile for my teas. If you like food and are interested in seeing the typical products this is a place that you definitely have to go for a walk.

8. Monasteraki

It is one of the areas in Athens with more life. It is full of shops and restaurants to eat very tastefully and at night gives a very nice view of the illuminated Acropolis.

9. Plaka

It is a neighborhood that is coming down of the Acropolis, just as Monasteraki is a place with restaurants, coffee shops and souvenir shops. It is a good place to take something after walking between the streets of the city.

10. Panathinaikó Stadium

It is an athletic stadium in Athens that hosted the first edition of the Modern Olympic Games in 1896. It is made of marble which makes it look very beautiful. The entrance ticket costs 7 euros.


– Hotel Kimon is very well located, good price compared to the hotels in that area and the attention is excellent.

– For lunch I recommend the cafe that is in the Byzantine museum, a little pricey but the food is good.
– The ergon restaurant near Syntagma Square is also a good choice. What I liked most about that place was the hummus. I leave some photos to open their appetite. lol


A trip to Thera¬īs ¬†island better known as Santorini does not disappoint anyone and in this post I will give some advice that I hope will serve to future travelers who pretend to spend some days in this heavenly place.

SInce I was a child, I always dreamed about knowing this place, I first saw it on a calendar’s picture that my father had on his desk and since then I always thought that someday I would step on those lands. Now I can gladly say that I succeeded.

Many people may think that for going on vacation to this island you should have a lot of money, but the reality is that if you plan well and look in the right places you can save a lot of money while having a great time.

The airline which I used to travel from Athens to Santorini is Ryanair. A lot of you must know Ryanair is a low cost airline, so do not expect to have a glamorous flight, you know little space between seats, free water? do not even think about it!.  I mention this because they also charge 15 euros for each checked piece of luggage and I made a mistake by paying it because you can travel with a small suitcase as a carry-on luggage instead without cost and you also save the waiting time to pick it up when you arrive at the destination.

I started the tour from the southern part of the island. My stops were as follows:

-The ruins of Akrotiri (Ticket price is 12 euros)

It is one of the most important archaeological sites of the Mediterranean. They are the remains of an ancient city that was buried after the eruption of the Santorini volcano. It is also known as the “Minoan Pompeii Minoica”. The tour is very interesting. The ruins are in a covered hall, which is quite comfortable given the high temperatures. ¬†Among the things they found in very good condition during the excavations that began in 1967 are the frescoes found in one of the rooms of a house. Those frescoes were preserved thanks to the solidified volcanic ash that covered them. They are are known by the following names: “boxers”, “antelopes” and “spring”. ¬†All of them are exhibited in the National Archaeological Museum of Athens.

-The red beach.

This beach is very close to the Akrotiri’s ruins. Walking there takes you approximately 15 minutes and by car about 3 minutes. There is a parking area from where you have to walk down a rocky path and then you see the beautiful red beach. If you do not like to get into the sea, it is worth to walk around just to enjoy the beautiful view.

– Watch the sunset in Oia

One of the most famous activities to do in Santorini is to witness the sunset in Oia and I have to tell you that it is indeed beautiful! In order to know the exact time you need to arrive at Oia before the sunset and search the perfect spot to see it, it is a good idea to check on any website or meteorological app the sunset forecast so you can be there on time.

I recommend the next place to eat:

* Pito Gyros

If you want to eat a good gyro then this place is not going to disappoint you. It’s good, delicious and cheap.

– Fira

It is the capital of Santorini and is described as a small village with cobbled streets, white houses, restaurants, hotels and souvenir shops just like in Oia. It is from here that the cable car leaves for the small port, you can also go down or renting a donkey. ūüôā

Some commented that Fira is ugly compared to Oia, but honestly I think they are just different. Fira also has it’s charm. It was from here that I saw a beautiful sunset, comfortably sitting on a cozy terrace with no people pushing and taking delicious dinner. The place is called Iriana Caf√©, place that offers a beautiful view to the caldera and free wifi.


– Santorini Brewing Company (Donkey Beers)

This is the factory of the famous beer that is seen all over the island with the emblematic symbol of the donkey. For beer lovers this is a place they have to visit. It is a small new company you can locate it very close to the airport. They have three beers: Yellow donkey, crazy donkey and red donkeyIn this place they will give you a brief explanation of how they produce it and a free tasting of each one. If you like the tasting you can buy some to take away.

If some of you are like me who do not like the taste so bitter probably you will not love it but it is always good to know and try new things and more if there are typhical. Talking about beers, in the supermarket I buy some beers called Volkan which are cheaper than donkey and those I liked but it would be better if you would try both and make your own judgment.



1)      The first recommendation is about the transport once you arrive in Santorini. The options are bus, taxi or car rental. After investigating the options the conclusion was that the most economic and comfortable thing was to rent a car and even more if your flight arrived at night then your only alternative will be taxi and the rate is quite high. I leave the link for the car rental that I used and it worked out very well, also cheaper than the main car rental companies:

I met some Peruvians who told me that they rented the car directly at the hotel where they stayed but I do not like to leave that kind of thing at the last moment and much less if you go in high season because you risk running out of car or want to abuse with prices.


2)      On this trip I stayed in two hotels which were quite good for which I recommend them extensively.

A)     Capeland Houses

This small hotel is ideally located between the red beach and the ruins of Akrotiri, both tourist attractions are within walking distance. They have all the amenities including wifi. The bedrooms are small but very comfortable and clean. They have a small room, a nice bathroom, stove and everything necessary to be able to cook if it is desired, in addition it have a sea view. It is a very cozy place to stay for some days. (INSERT PHOTO)

B)      Iliovasilema Hotel

If you want to have a great time without spending a fortune this is the right place. This hotel is located in Imerovigli, a small village between Oia and Fira. I found this hotel because I was searching for a place that had a pool and panoramic view towards the caldera but without having to spend a lot of money. My travel plan was to spend a few days of rest, being in the pool, eating, sleeping, reading and eating again and honestly staying in a hotel without the view towards the beautiful caldera does not encourage much. However if your plan is not to spend a few days in total rest plan, then I would tell you to look for another hotel in the center of the village that does not have view to the caldera and the price per night will decrease a lot. Staff is very helpful and kind. The pool is heated, I mention this because if you go in the fall or winter season is something that will be appreciated. Although it is not a destination with freezing temperatures, it could get low enough to wish that the water not be cold. This topic has always seemed important to me and it is not so easy to find information about it and that is why I point out because it may be useful for some next traveler.

The food at the hotel is good, the relation price-quality is acceptable. What I advise is not to take the bottled water from the mini bar because the bottle costs 4 euros so it is better if you hired a car to go to Carrefour which is very close to the hotel and buy a box of 6 bottles for less than 3 euros. That will save you some money. And if you go without a car a few steps from the hotel you will find a shop where water is at a more reasonable price. All this because, unlike other places, the water
directly from the tap can¬īt be drunk.


3)      Avocado Restaurant in Imerovigli

As I mentioned before, one of my pleasures in life is to eat and the next place I recommend it extensively. It is located in Imerovigli a few steps from the hotel that I mentioned before. The place is quite nice, the attention is the best and the food is quite good. I ordered a meatballs on grill, risotto and the traditional Moussaka and all very good.


Finally, I have to mention that another of the main attractions on the island is the visit to Nea Kameni volcano. The boats that take to this destination leave the port of Fira that I mentioned at the beginning. I did not go to this tour because I fell in love with the hotel Ilovasilema and decided to stay to enjoy the facilities, besides that seeing photos did not strike me much attention but if you have time to visit it surely must be a very beautiful place.


Definitely this island was as I had always imagined. If you have the possibility of visiting it do not
hesitate because I assure you that it will not disappoint you.