Uros Floating Islands

How to get to Lake Titicaca?

You must travel from Cusco to Puno. If you rent a car the trip will take about 6 hours. I recommend you take the tour called “route of the sun” (ruta del sol). This option will make your journey more enjoyable because the bus stops at the following points:

1. Temple of Saint Peter Apostle
2. Raqchi – Archaeological site of great importance where the Viracocha Temple is located
3. Buffet Lunch at Tourist Restaurant in Sicuani – I visited the restaurant called “La Pascana” and it was good, with enough food and good quality. A plus is that in this place they have alpacas and babies alpacas so you can get close to touching them and some even smile for a photo.

4. La Raya – the bus stoped in this place to admire the landscape. You can see the snowy mountains in the background and buy some souvenirs in some of the roadside stands. This stop was my favorite.
5.Museo de Pukara – It is located to the side of the Cathedral and is a few steps from Pukara Square. This museum exhibits a series of monoliths and sculptures of the Pukara culture.
6.Puno – And finally you will be arriving at the bus station at 17:00 hours.

There are several websites that offer this kind tour, it may change some of the stops you will chose the better for you, here I give you two web options:

a) Titicaca Tour

b) Inca world Travel

Uros Floating Islands

These floating islands are located within the bay of Lake Titicaca, 14 km away from the city of Puno. It is believed that the UROS were one of the oldest ethnic groups that populated the Andean highlands.

The tours are taken at the pier which is very close to the center of Puno, about 8 minutes by car. If you do not have a tour dont worry you will find more and better options directly there at the pier.

Personally I chose the tour that included the Uros floating islands and the Taquile island.
In this tour they will explain you how they have built their floating houses, how they feed, what are their customs and how they make their boats.

On the island of Taquile, the guide will also give you all the information regarding the traditions of the people which they still preserve nowadays, their ethnic dress, their archeology, their food, etc. It is not necesary to say how interesting it was. From this island you would see the mountains of Copacabana Bolivia. 🙂


– I recommend staying near the main square of Puno. You can find different types of accommodation.
– Do not go out walking far from the main streets of the village after the sunset. I do not know if it is true but three people from the village gave me that advice. I did not take the risk and I followed the advice.
– To eat in Puno I recommend the Mojsa Restaurant, the food is delicious and it is right in front of the church in the main square.
– The different tours for the floating islands can be hired at a better price directly at the pier.

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