What to eat and wear in Iceland?

What is the weather in October in Iceland? What clothes to wear?

I will begin  saying that I travel in mid-October and the end of September. In those months the temperature was between 5 ° C and 6 ° C, so I recommend  you to carry the following items in your suitcase:

  • camping tent
  • sleeping bag (not summer sleeping bag otherwise you will suffer cold).
  • inflatable camping mattress
  • cooking utensils
  •  warm clothes
  •  waterproof jacket
  • trekking shoes because they are going to walk a lot
  • additional pair of shoes
  • lot of socks
  • microfiber towels
  • and of course bathing suit

In general the weather in Iceland is unpredictable as in a moment you see the sun  and suddenly the rain drops and lowers the temperature, so the best thing is be prepared for everything.

Now important points to consider:


  1. Camping tent – If you do not have a tent and are willing to buy one then you should pay attention to the following considerations:

A) It should be a little larger than the recommended size for the number of people who will sleep in it. For example, if two people are going to use it then buy a tent for three. The above because as I mentioned the weather changes every five minutes so it is very likely that some day will rain or simply the morning dew will wet all the tent and if you are very tight in the tent is very easy to wake up with some part of your slepping bag wet or you will not have place inside the tent to put the suitcases.

B) Practice arming the tent at home – may sound a little ridiculous but it will really save you a lot of time during the trip.

  1. Backpack for camping – If your travel plan is to go backpacking then it will be a necessary investment but if you are planning to rent a car then it is not really necessary this kind of backpack, with a normal suitcase you will not have any problem.
  2. Gas for portable stove -If your trip will take a few days then I recommend not to spend on gas for portable stove, in most of the campsites have many things that previous travellers have left for others to reuse, and one of the things that have more is gas. One of the campsites that has this section is the Reykjavik campsite, which is perfect because most of the tourists start their trip at that point and they can get gas, toilet paper, napkins and many things that they need without having to spend. Just do not forget do not take more than you need and do not forget to contribute to the cause on your return to continue helping us between travellers.

Here the link of the campsite.


  1. Micro Fiber Towel – Carrying your micro fiber towel will be a very important thing on your trip, since Iceland has many hot springs along its island. So you will need a towel that takes little space in your suitcase and dry as soon as possible.
  1. Travel bag – this will save you a lot of time and effort when you take the shower. You will have everything in one place (shampoo, conditioner, soap, sate, toothpaste, brush, etc …) you do not have to be worried about forgetting something in the tent besides not having to carry everything in your hands.
  1. Water – Iceland is proud to be the country with the best water in the world and it may well be true because during my trip I always filled my bottle in the rivers, lagoons or taps and nothing bad happened to me. So, you know, spend on bottled water is not worth it.
  1. Food – If you want to save money than your best option is to take food from your home country, because if is something expensive in Iceland is the accommodation (which is already solved with the camping) and food.

But, what kind of food can I bring? Instant soups, energetic bars, chocolates, biscuits, tuna, sardines, seeds such as walnuts, almonds, nuts, coffee, milk powder, jam, peanut butter, and in general all that canned and easily to cook. I do not eat pork but I saw many who were carrying cold meats. Once in Iceland you will buy everything you need like fruit, vegetables, bread, etc …

The foods that you should try in Iceland for my consideration are the following:

– The famous Pylsur hot dogs from Baejarins Beztu are simply exquisite. It’s not just fame, they’re very good. You cannot leave without eating at least one. You can find them in the oldest station in the harbor, opposite the Harpa Concert Hall. You can easily identify them by their red and white color.

– The alcoholic beverage is the brennivín, just remember that the drinks in Iceland are expensive.

– Salmon in all presentations.

– SKYR in all its shapes and flavors. I loved them! They also contain a high percentage of protein and low in fat, super healthy.

– For those who are fans of beer, Iceland offers the following brands: Egils, Thule or Pilsner.



List of Campsites in Iceland

Below I made a campsites list with a small review of them.

1. Reykjavik Campsite

This camp is very close to Reykjavik and I think it is the most famous.
It has a good size, offers bathrooms, showers with hot – cold water and a coffeeshop (you can pay breakfast if you wish). But the important part is it has that special area where all travelers donate the things they will not use when they return to their homes but that can be useful for others travellers who just start their journey.

It is for that last reason that I would recommend to spend the first night here because maybe something that you need as bath paper or soap to wash dishes you can find in this section and do not have to buy it because is very expensive.

And of course do not take more than what you need and do not forget to contribute to the cause on your return in order to continue helping us between travellers.

2. Skógafoss camping
The spectacular thing about this camp site is the view of the Skógafoss waterfall. It has bathrooms, showers, a laundry area and a small restaurant.

3. Skaftafell campsite
I found this campsite like the worst. It has bathrooms and showers but are built in such a way that under the door you can feel all the cold air, plus you have to get a ticket that activates the shower for two or three minutes so you have to bath in that time because is no way to add more time once you are inside, the reason is that you buy this shower ticket in the entrance of the campsite.
Here the link of the website in case you want to check prices and more details.

4. Egilsstadir camping
I found this site excellent. It has bathrooms and showers extremely in good conditions and perfectly clean. The best part is that bathrooms and showers are inside the main building so they have heating. Also tables to eat inside if you do not want to suffer cold. But if you want to be in contact with nature also have tables outside and a kiosk with grill for those who need to cook and need a roof if it is raining. They have good internet and basically the best campingsite in Iceland. Here the official page for any question.

5. Hamrar campsite in Akureyri
This camp is also in great condition. It has clean bathrooms and showers with hot and cold water in addition to having heating. For those who go with children you will find small artificial lagoon. This place is very cool for camping, I recommend them extensively. If you want to know more about this place click here.

6. Tjaldsvæðið Hofsosi campsite
This camp site was the most solitary of all, only two other groups of people camped. The address is as follows: 565 Hofsós. This village is very small, it is composed of about three blocks but not less beautiful and interesting. It is here where you can find one of the most beautiful churches on the island, in addition to the thermal pool with incredible sea view. You can not go to Iceland and do not visit this beautiful place.
By the way the pool opens from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and again from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
They also have a special night time to see aurora boreales in case anyone is interested.


7. Borgarnes Camping
This campsite would only recommend it if you want to save money because when i was there nobody charged me.
Positive aspects of the campsite: it is in a good area, you can find restaurants nearby besides staying on the step towards the Snaefellsnes Peninsula. It has a beautiful landscape, especially for watching the sunset. In this village they sell a delicious chocolate bread.
Negative camping points: It does not have showers, it has only one bathroom for women and one for men. Their facilities are very poor.
So far my list of camps, in some I repeated number of nights and in some other points I used to mixed hotel and camping in order to not feel so heavy the trip. If in your trip do not fit some of the campsites mentioned here, do not worry Iceland is full of camps and hot springs and for sure you will find some.

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